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And see more videos from Go Media.

Camry Superbowl Spot 0

Looking forward to the other Super Bowl spots this Sunday.

American Copywriter in Cleveland 0

John January and Tug McTighe are coming to Cleveland to speak via the local AAF Ad Club. For years now, I’ve been a big fan of their American Copywriter content, which currently includes Luke Sullivan, sweet infographics and The Muppets:

Ohio Tax Credit for Filming 0

You may recognize some of the buildings in Spider-Man 3, from Euclid Avenue in Cleveland. Governor Strickland and the Ohio Senate recently vetoed a brilliant tax credit for filming in Ohio. This is potentially big business for Cleveland. Advertisers and movie studios love to film here because costs are lower with no shortage of amenities. I wrote about my experience in the industry while asking the Governor to reconsider this policy. You too can write Strickland. Video of our policy-makers is supposed to be available here, but it’s the most useless site ever.