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And see more videos from Go Media.

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Designed these three blank notebooks, with belly band, as a giveaway for Doner’s Creative Summit. Mark Masterson and Chris Crisman spoke at the MOCA about their work and other things creative.

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GOOD does an amazing job with infographics. Not only are they very well designed, but they are usually very interesting, content-wise. Check out this one regarding money companies spend on advertising. And browse here among several other infographics.

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Real Nice Posters 0

Those are some new State-inspired posters from The Heads of State. And also just heard about Nate Duval who makes some amazing screen printed posters:


TED is an amazing source of information regarding Technology, Entertainment and Design. Ideas Worth Spreading is a very appropriate tag line. So it was very exciting to attend our local version called TEDxCLE. My buddy Joseph and I were totally inspired by all the positive stuff happening in town. He’s thoroughly blogged about the event here. Including links to photos and speakers, etc. He also references an article in Forbes listing Cleveland as the most miserable city. Which is totally absurd. Forbes has since covered this event to sort of redeem itself. Meh…

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Should be interesting to see how this design competition pans out for downtown CLE. Great historical coverage is included, including how infrastructural investments has steered the industry of the whole country.

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