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Apple Sells 99.4% of Mobile Apps 0

Interesting stats regarding the history (and future) of mobile apps. Apple rules and this is going to be a hot field in the future too.

Apple App Stats

Vintage Travel Posters 0

Grain Edit posts amazing design, particularly the vintage stuff. Peep these vintage travel posters. Love it.

Great Lakes Design Collaborative 0

Inspired by Rachel Downey at Studio Graphique and written by the Great Lakes Design Collaborative, here’s a list of 10 tough things to do that will actually help to save the planet.

Danish Stamps 1962 0

Very interesting details from the brilliant Grain Edit about these sweet Danish stamps: “In the early 1900s, a Danish postal clerk came up with the idea of selling Christmas seals to raise money for children with tuberculosis. Over 100 years later, these “cinderella” (unofficial postage) stamps have become a worldwide holiday tradition. In 1962, Erik Petersen designed this sheet of Christmas seals, depicting the gamle hÃ¥ndværk (”old trades”) of Denmark.”

Urban Forest Building 0

Great concept / design featured on Deezine: “Beijing architects MAD have designed a skyscraper for Chongqing, China, with gardens at each level.” Thanks Alex.

Design Accord 0

Valerie Casey started the Design Accord which is an open resource for designers of all kinds to produce sustainable products and business practices. This is then translated to educating clients and developing their own business plans. Check out this interesting interview with Val about the inception. Here’s to good design!

Objectified : Design Film by Gary Hustwit 0

Loved Hustwit’s Helvetica documentary and totally looking forward to this new one, called Objectified. Here’s to good design…

Architecture & Hiking in Palm Springs 0

Check out the photos (all in chronological order) from our vacation in Palm Springs, CA. Lots of eating, hiking and checking out all the fantastic mid-century modern design.

View all photos in chronological order. or view only the mid-century modern architecture.

Planet Propaganda 0

Really great design work fromPlanet Propaganda in Madison, WI.

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