TED is an amazing source of information regarding Technology, Entertainment and Design. Ideas Worth Spreading is a very appropriate tag line. So it was very exciting to attend our local version called TEDxCLE. My buddy Joseph and I were totally inspired by all the positive stuff happening in town. He’s thoroughly blogged about the event here. Including links to photos and speakers, etc. He also references an article in Forbes listing Cleveland as the most miserable city. Which is totally absurd. Forbes has since covered this event to sort of redeem itself. Meh…

Be a Jedi Creative 1

The Cleveland Ad Club hosted Tug McTighe and John January from American Copywriter at a luncheon called everything you need to know about advertising is in Star Wars. Here are a few highlights.

Everyone’s creative. Especially when it comes to smart strategy and media. Anything goes these days. The following info is for everyone.

Jedi / creative = mystic / magical. Great ideas are hard to create.
No time and no money are Darths. (The bad guys.)

Choose to be a learner: Benefit from a mentor. (As the Jedi learners do.) No two are alike. Everyone has specific talent to contribute.

Bill Bernback: “They might be right.”
Ask (architects) about process in order to streamline your own.

Luke Sullivan: “I can’t help you become great, but I can help you suck less.” As long as you are learning, you can’t become a hack.
Keep up with emerging media / technology. Jump in. Get on board.

Solve things together. Work as a team, utilizing the variety of skills / people. Han and Chewy are creatives / everyone’s collaborative
Get out of your office or routine: As Luke trains on Degobah with Yoda. Eclectic brains, you must tap: Work with other departments to create integrated campaigns and experiential marketing, etc.

Sally Hogshead: “Get rid of your bag of tricks.” Enemy of great, good is. Strive to be great! Frank Oz does the voice of Miss Piggy, Fozzie as well as Yoda. That’s why they sound similar.

Don’t think about the next project, (or the next agency, or the next city,) work on the work on your desk / see opportunities there / make your work better than it needs to be.

The dark side includes insecurity, pettiness & envy. Don’t be hard on each other. There’s room for us all to grow in this industry. Don’t point and complain about other people / problems / restrictions
Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” You: “Is this the BEST I can do?!”

Failure is fueled by fear. Good ideas will die. It’s inevitable. Many great Jedi are dead, but there is still Luke… Focus on that surviving good idea… It could be even better than the original. Celebrate seriously, take a moment, don’t just jump into next thing.