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TED is an amazing source of information regarding Technology, Entertainment and Design. Ideas Worth Spreading is a very appropriate tag line. So it was very exciting to attend our local version called TEDxCLE. My buddy Joseph and I were totally inspired by all the positive stuff happening in town. He’s thoroughly blogged about the event here. Including links to photos and speakers, etc. He also references an article in Forbes listing Cleveland as the most miserable city. Which is totally absurd. Forbes has since covered this event to sort of redeem itself. Meh…

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Two great local events happened this week. Along with some lovely designers from Studio Graphique, I volunteered to help Zero Landfill tear up a bunch of carpet sample books. The cardboard is recycled as are the carpet samples. They must be manually separated, and we were happy to help such a great local organization.

Also this week, Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S) hosted an inspiring event about local food. There was a panel discussion where lots of great info was shared including the potential for NE Ohio to supply much of it’s own food demand. There is a social network at where these discussions can continue. It was held at at Trinity Cathedral, a 100 year old church on Euclid Avenue.