Real Nice Posters 0

Those are some new State-inspired posters from The Heads of State. And also just heard about Nate Duval who makes some amazing screen printed posters:

Vintage Travel Posters 0

Grain Edit posts amazing design, particularly the vintage stuff. Peep these vintage travel posters. Love it.

Chili Cookoff Poster 2

Doner Chili Cookoff

Doner Chili Cookoff

Letterpress Printing Poster 0

Music video / documentary of Mikey Burton printing a letterpress poster. Special thanks to Mikey, Joseph Hughes, music by Chris Sheehan of The Celebrity Pilots and the KSU Campaign for Change. Shot and edited by Josh Gerken.

Letterpress Poster Trailer from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

Planet Propaganda 0

Really great design work fromPlanet Propaganda in Madison, WI.