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OK Go : Music Video 0

Sponsored by Chevrolet.

Nice Cafe Racer Video 0

Love this production and the bike.

Philips Versus 0

Funny and well-done video campaign from Philips:

If you like that, this is good too, featuring a handsome rooster:

IDEO Co-Founder on Design 0

Sweet German 3D Projection 0

Tweeted by my buddy Colin, original article here.

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New Devo Song & Video 0

The legendary local rock group, Devo is releasing a new album soon. The animator for this great new music video / single also worked on Tim & Eric Awesome Show, among other interesting things.

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Objectified : Design Film by Gary Hustwit 0

Loved Hustwit’s Helvetica documentary and totally looking forward to this new one, called Objectified. Here’s to good design…

Letterpress Printing Poster 0

Music video / documentary of Mikey Burton printing a letterpress poster. Special thanks to Mikey, Joseph Hughes, music by Chris Sheehan of The Celebrity Pilots and the KSU Campaign for Change. Shot and edited by Josh Gerken.

Letterpress Poster Trailer from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

Miranda Sound (Live) 0

The multi-tasking edit of Virginia Creeper from Miranda Sound‘s last show at the legendary, and now defunct Little Brothers:

Miranda Sound : Virginia Creeper (Live) from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

Sunrise with Seamonsters 0

Featuring the music and storyline of Chris Sheehan and The Celebrity Pilots, I directed and shot this video on vacation at St. John, U.S. Virgin Island. See great performances from unpaid talents: Gina Gerken, Kevin Nye and Mr. Sheehan himself.

Sunrise with Seamonsters : The Celebrity Pilots from Joshua Gerken on Vimeo.

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